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Whether your goal is to finish your first triathlon, qualify for Kona, run the New York Marathon, find some training partners to push you along or simply lose some weight and feel great, Nigel Pietsch Coaching can help.

Too many people fail to reach their sporting goals because they, fail to plan properly, are poorly advised, experience injury and health problems, lack the time and ability to balance work, life and home and struggle to effectively manage challenges when they arise. With expert guidance, the team at Nigel Pietsch Coaching will have you crossing the finish line, dreaming of your next challenge.

With more than 25 years of experience as a sport scientist, health promotion professional, coach and athlete, with a wide range of sporting achievements including completing the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon and a 2hr38 marathon, Nigel and his support partners (including the West Lakes Triathlon Club where he is the head coach) are able to devise a personalised program to maximise your potential.

The real strength of Nigel’s coaching is his ability to combine his sports science and coaching qualifications with his work in health promotion. Specifically targeting motivation and implementing change. While many dream of where they want to be, very few have the skills, resources and knowledge required to make it happen. This is where Nigel’s skill set and experience helps to close the gap and make dreams a reality.

You could be in southern Adelaide or Northern France, England, Ireland or Canada – the world is a small place these days and Nigel Pietsch Coaching has been helping people from all parts of the globe for over 25 years reach their goals.

Nigel has been a winner of the Triathlon SA Coach of the Year and a regular nominee for Triathlon Australia Coach of the Year, coaching many state, national and world champions – as well as a long list of people to Kona qualification. But he equally draws as much satisfaction working with a first timer as they complete their first triathlon or park run.

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